Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Assignment 5

The purpose of school in the future will be to prepare students to excel in college, and, later, in the professional world. This purpose is the same as the purpose of school today, but schools in the future will go about accomplishing this differently. There is no doubt that schooling in the future will be different from schooling today. The advent of new technologies is constantly changing the face of education by providing new tools that can be used to facilitate learning. In the future, I believe technology will play a more integral role in students' education. Every student will have his own laptop on which to research, write papers, and do assignments. This will help students not only to work well individually but also collectively. The internet will give students and teachers the ability to collaborate and work together to gain more from school. Teachers would also be more accessible to individual students; students could ask questions and discuss work with teachers in class chat rooms away from class. Students will be more free to be creative in their work and use all the technological tools at their disposal. With the use of personal laptops, students will be able to create their own web cam videos, blogs, and web sites for school use. This technological practice will give students increased technological skills and will allow students to explore new possibilities. Students will also have one class which focuses on an area they are interested in pursuing in college and beyond. This will help students to find a career that is a good fit for them and will help students cultivate career skills while still in high school. In the future, schools will only need to open their doors for four days a week from Tuesday to Friday, and each school day will last approximately 9 hours. This change will help schools save money on utilities, transportation, and substitute teaching; this money can then be used to further educational goals. Increased use of technology in schools, increased spending on education, and career-minded classes will help students of the future to be better prepared for college and the working world.