Friday, January 15, 2010

Assignment 2

Self evaluate your last project using the questions on our wiki for guidance.
200-300 words, due Tuesday, January 19.

The best part of the project was designing and planning our facility, The Underground. It was fun to decide what different areas to put in it, to see how all the different areas would work together, and to plan how it would actually operate in real life. Planning how the facility would make money and how the small aspects of an underground facility would work were also interesting. Leadership within our group was constant and reliable throughout the project. We all worked together to formulate the original idea and choose different attractions to put in the complex; we combined our ideas and efforts to figure out the logistics of the facility and the financial aspects of running it and obtaining money from investors. We also all took on specific roles dealing with different aspects of the facility and its operation and made sure that we completed our parts of the project. If this had been an individual project, I would not have thought to put in certain elements of the building, such as the bowling alley or swimming pool. If we were to do this project again, I would probably add new attractions to the complex and figure out ways to make it more energy efficient.

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